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The riding modes allow adjustment of the throttle response (MAP), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Traction Control (TC) settings to suit differing road conditions and rider preferences. Up to six riding modes are available depending on the motorcycle model's specification.

Riding modes can be conveniently selected using the MODE button and joystick located on the left hand switch housing, whilst the motorcycle is stationary or moving.

Each riding mode is adjustable.

Availability of the ABS, MAP and TC setting options vary between models.

For more information, see page 43. If a riding mode is edited (other than the Rider mode), the icon will change as shown below.

Riding Modes

Riding Mode Selection


The selection of riding modes whilst the motorcycle is in motion requires the rider to allow the motorcycle to coast (motorcycle moving, engine running, throttle closed and no brakes applied) for a brief period of time.

Riding mode selection whilst the motorcycle is in motion should only be attempted:

Riding mode selection whilst the motorcycle is in motion MUST NOT be attempted:

Failure to observe this important warning may lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


If traction control has been disabled in the Main Menu as described then settings saved for all riding modes will be overridden.

Traction control will remain off regardless of your riding mode selection until re-enabled, or the ignition has been switched off then on again, or the MODE button is held in to return to the default Road mode (which enables the traction control when the motorcycle is next stationary).

If the traction control is disabled, the motorcycle will handle as normal but without traction control. In this situation accelerating too hard on wet/slippery road surfaces may cause the rear wheel to slip, and may result in loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


If the ABS is disabled, the brake system will function as a non-ABS equipped braking system. In this situation braking too hard will cause the wheels to lock, and may result in loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


After selecting a riding mode, operate the motorcycle in an area free from traffic to gain familiarity with the new settings.

Do not loan your motorcycle to anyone as they may change the riding mode settings from the one you are familiar with, causing loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


If when the ignition was last switched OFF, the following conditions were met:

then the riding mode will default to Road when the ignition is switched ON.

Otherwise, the last selected riding mode will be remembered and activated when the ignition is switched ON.

If the mode icons are not shown when the ignition switch is in the ON position, make sure that the engine stop switch is in the RUN position.

To select a riding mode:

To change the selected riding mode:

Riding Mode Selection

  1. MODE button
  2. Current riding mode
  3. Joystick
  4. Information tray showing riding mode settings
  5. Riding mode selection panel

Push the joystick left/right or press the MODE button to scroll through the riding mode options in the following order:

The selected mode is activated once the following conditions for switching modes have been met:

Motorcycle Stationary - Engine Off

Motorcycle Stationary - Engine Running

Motorcycle in Motion

Within 30 seconds of selecting a riding mode the rider must carry out the following simultaneously:


It is not possible to switch into or out of Off-Road, Off-Road Pro or Rider modes whilst the motorcycle is in motion, if the ABS or TC settings are set to Off-road or OFF in either of those modes.

In this case, the motorcycle must be brought to a stop before the riding mode change can take place.

If a riding mode change is not completed, the icon will alternate between the previous riding mode and the newly selected riding mode until the change is complete or it is cancelled.

The riding mode selection is now complete and normal riding can be resumed.

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