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Maintenance / Engine Oil & Filter Change

IMPORTANT Engine MUST BE WARMED before performing the following procedure.


HOT COMPONENTS Wear insulated gloves and use caution handling these parts.


1. Run engine until warm, then turn engine off.

2. Securely support the motorcycle in a vertical "centered" position.

3. Place an oil drain pan under the engine oil drain plugs 1 and 2.

4. Remove the drain plugs and sealing washers.

5. Allow oil to drain completely. Dispose of oil properly.

6. Remove oil filter 3 and allow oil to drain. Dispose of oil filter properly.

7. Clean the engine oil filter mount sealing surface and surrounding area.

8. Place a small amount of oil on the new oil filter seal and spin filter on until the filter seal contacts the sealing surface. Tighten oil filter to specification.


Oil Filter: 115 (13 N*m) or approximately 3/4 to 1 full turn after seal contacts the filter mount sealing surface.

9. Use new sealing washers and reinstall the drain plugs. Torque to specification.


Engine Oil Drain Plug: 15 (20 N*m)

10. Use a funnel to add 3 US quarts (2.8 Liters) of Indian Motorcycle 15W- 60 Full Synthetic engine oil through the engine oil fill port.

NOTICE 3 US quarts will bring the engine oil level at or near the "FULL" mark on the sight glass. For a new or rebuilt (dry) engine add an additional .5 US quart (.47 Liters).

11. Securely support the motorcycle in a vertical "centered" position, idle engine for approximately 30 seconds.

12. Turn the engine off.

13. Inspect the oil level by looking at the oil sight glass. The oil level should be in the middle of the sight glass between the two indicator marks. DO NOT OVERFILL!

IMPORTANT Total engine oil fill volume with oil filter change will be approximately 3.0 - 4.0 US quarts (2.8 - 3.8 Liters). Total engine oil fill volume with a new or rebuilt (dry) engine will be approximately 4.5 quarts (4.25 Liters).

14. Refer to the page 50 section in this chapter for setting proper oil level.

CAUTION If the low oil pressure indicator remains illuminated longer than usual after an oil change, do not increase RPM above idle until indicator lamp goes out or engine may be damaged.

15. Check for leaks around drain plug and oil filter.

NOTICE Recycle used oil and oil filter in accordance with local regulations.

Cooling System

The engine coolant level is controlled by the recovery system.

Recovery system components are the recovery bottle, the radiator filler neck, the radiator pressure cap and the connecting hose.

As coolant operating temperature increases, the expanding (heated) excess coolant is forced out of the engine, past the pressure cap, and into the recovery bottle. As engine coolant temperature decreases the contracting (cooled) coolant is drawn back up from the bottle, past the pressure cap, and into the radiator.

Some coolant level drop on new vehicles is normal as the system is purging itself of trapped air. Check the coolant level and maintain as recommended by adding coolant to the recovery bottle.

INDIAN recommends the use of Antifreeze 50/50 Premix. This antifreeze is already premixed and ready to use. Do not dilute with water.

To ensure that the coolant maintains its ability to protect the engine, we recommend that the system be completely drained every five (5) years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Please see your dealer for this service.


The Coolant Overflow bottle is located under the airbox cover. The level can be viewed without the need to disassemble any components.

1. Locate the coolant bottle level window located on the left side of the unit.


2. Ensure the coolant is in between the marked values.

3. If the coolant level is below the bottom line, coolant will need to be added to the system.


To add coolant, do the following:

1. Remove the seat and airbox covers.

2. Remove he overflow bottle cap 1 to add coolant. Add coolant until level is within the marked values.


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WARNING Failure to follow all recommended precautions and procedures could result in severe injury or death. Always heed all safety precautions and follow all operation, inspection and maintenance procedures outlined in this manual. Improperly installed or adjusted components can make the motorcycle unstable or hard to handle. Improperly installed electrical components can cause engine or electrical system failure. In either event, damage or serious injury could result. If you do not have the time, tools and expertise necessary to complete a procedure properly, please see your dealer for service. Review the safety-related maintenance information in the Safety Maintenance section. Before beginning any maintenance procedure, read the instructions for the entire procedure. Always position the motorcycle on a firm level surface before performing service. Make sure the motorcycle will not tip or fall while elevated or while on the sidestand. See the Elevating the Vehicle section for details. Hot engine and exhaust components can cause burns to skin and can ignite a fire if exposed to flammable materials. Always park the motorcycle clear of flammable materials and where people are not likely to contact hot components. Wear eye and face protection when using pressurized air. Never start the engine or let it run in an enclosed area. Engine exhaust fumes are poisonous and can cause loss of consciousness or death in a short time. During some procedures you may use potentially hazardous products such as oil or brake fluid. Always follow the instructions and warnings on the product packaging.

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