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Maintenance operations / Changing the engine oil and filter cartridge

Engine oil

Note This operation has to be carried out with hot engine (but turned off) because the oil in these conditions is more fluid and comes out faster and completely.

Remove the drain plug (1) with gasket (2) from the oil sump and allow the oil to drain off.

Warning Dispose of oil and/or filter cartridges in compliance with environmental protection regulations.

Remove any metal deposits from the end of the magnetic drain plug (1) and refit the drain plug complete with gasket (2) to the sump.

Maintenance operations

Tighten plug (1) to a torque of 42 Nm (Min. 38 Nm - Max. 46 Nm).

Filter cartridge

Remove the oil sump filter cartridge (3) using service tool part no. 88713.2906.

Important Dispose of the used filter, do not re-use it.

Fit a new cartridge (3), using tool part no. 88713.2906.

Use engine oil to lubricate seal.

Note As an alternative, it is advisable to refill the filter cartridge with engine oil before fitting it: this enables the recommended oil level to be maintained without topping up.

Maintenance operations

Screw it into relevant seat and tighten it to 11 Nm (Min. 10 Nm - Max. 12 Nm).

Mesh filter

Every two oil changes, clean the oil intake mesh filter.

Remove the exhaust system (Removing the exhaust system).

Loosen outer plug (4) and collect seal (5).

Loosen the filtering element (6) and slide it out.

Clean the filter with fuel and compressed air. Take care not to damage the mesh. Refit mesh filter (6), seal (5) on plug (4) and tighten it to a torque of 42 Nm (Min. 38 Nm - Max. 46 Nm).

Maintenance operations

Restore proper engine oil level.

Remove the filler plug (2) and carry out refilling with the specified oil type up to reaching the notch that identifies the MAX level in the sight glass (7).

Refit the filler plug (2). Run the engine at idle speed for a few minutes.

Maintenance operations

Check that there are no oil leaks and that the relevant warning light on the instrument panel switches off a few seconds after starting up the engine.

If not, stop the engine and trace the fault.

After a few minutes, check that the oil level is the specified one; if necessary, restore the MAX. level (8).

Refit any removed parts.

Check engine oil level

Check the engine oil level through the sight glass (1) on the right-hand side of the oil sump.

Stop the engine and allow a few minutes for the oil to settle to a steady level.

Oil level must be checked with the vehicle perfectly upright and the engine hot (but off). Oil level must be between the MIN and MAX marks.

Top up if the level is low. Remove the filler plug (2) and top up with the recommended oil.

Refit the filler plug (2).

Maintenance operations

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