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Maintenance operations

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Transport packaging integrity visual check (where applicable). Transport packaging removal (where applicable). Motorbike integrity visual check. Check of the supplied kit completeness (refer to the parts list supplied together with the kit). Rear-view mirror assembly (Refitting the rear-view mirrors). Battery start-up (Recharging the battery- Topping up the electrolyte) and fitting on the vehicle (Refitting the battery); Final drive correct tensioning check. Tyre pressure check (Front 2.5 bar - 2.6 bar with passenger / Rear 2.5 bar - 2.8 bar with passenger). Check brake fluid level (top up, if necessary). Check engine oil level (top up, if necessary). Lights, turn indicators, horn and controls check. Headlight beam height adjustment check. Check handlebar free movement and possible interference. Check key and steering lock operation. Check front and rear wheel shaft tightening (front: 63 Nm +- 5% - Rear: 145 Nm +- 10%). Check the brake calliper retaining screws tightening (front: 45 Nm +- 5% - Rear: 14 Nm +- 5%). Fuel top-up until the reserve warning light turns off (approx. 3 litres). Check engine stop switch, side stand switch and clutch lever operation. Check the presence of any technical updates and recall campaigns on DCS. Install any Ducati Performance accessories required by Customer's order and check their operation. Final test and road test of the motorcycle (test correct operation of safety devices and electric fan). Reading of the error memory with DDS 2.0 and check of software version update on control units (use the Global Scan function). Motorcycle cleaning. Motorcycle warranty activation and on-board documentation filling in (General warranty conditions). Turn in to Customer the documentation and the Service Booklet (appropriately filled in).

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