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Yamaha XSR700 - Owner's Manual > Checking the brake fluid level

Periodic maintenance and adjustment / Tires / Checking the brake fluid level

Before riding, check that the brake fluid is above the minimum level mark.

Check the brake fluid level with the top of the reservoir level. Replenish the brake fluid if necessary.

Front brake

Front brake

1. Minimum level mark

Rear brake

Rear brake

  1. Minimum level mark

Specified brake fluid:



Improper maintenance can result in loss of braking ability. Observe these precautions:


Brake fluid may damage painted surfaces or plastic parts. Always clean up spilled fluid immediately.

As the brake pads wear, it is normal for the brake fluid level to gradually go down. A low brake fluid level may indicate worn brake pads and/or brake system leakage; therefore, be sure to check the brake pads for wear and the brake system for leakage. If the brake fluid level goes down suddenly, have a Yamaha dealer check the cause before further riding.

Changing the brake fluid

Have a Yamaha dealer change the brake fluid every 2 years. In addition, have the seals of the master cylinders and brake calipers, as well as the brake hoses replaced at the intervals listed below or sooner if they are damaged or leaking.

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