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Chassis / Gear selector control

Refitting the gear change control

Grease the two O-rings (10) and the gearchange lever pin (12), except its thread, with indicated product.

Insert pin with O-ring (10) fully home in gearchange lever.

Fit the second O-ring (10) on the shaft.

Start the gearchange lever pin (8), the two O-rings (10) in the LH footpeg holder plate.

Gear selector control

Fit plate (4) fully home in its seat on the footpeg holder.

Start nut (3) and tighten it to a torque of 22 Nm +- 5%.

Gear selector control

Position rod (2) and fix it to the gearchange lever (8) by means of screw (7).

Tighten the screw (7) to a torque of 10 Nm +- 10%.

Gear selector control

Disassembling the gear change control

Refer to the exploded view for indications on disassembly and replacement of components.

Gear selector control

If the bush (11) inside the pedal (8) needs to be replaced, grease the external surface and drive the bush into place using a press. The bush must be seated 2 mm below the outer face of the pedal.

Gear selector control

After performing an operation on the gear shift, adjust the gear change pedal position following the instructions detailed in Section "Adjusting the position of the gear change pedal and rear brake pedal".

Removing the gear change control

Undo the retaining screw (1) of the gearbox rod (2).

Gear selector control

Remove the LH footpeg holder.

Loosen nut (3) and collect plate (4).

Gear selector control

Separate the footpeg/gearchange lever assembly (6) from the footpeg holder (5).

Gear selector control

Loosen screw (7) and separate the gearbox rod (2) from the gearbox pedal (8).

Gear selector control

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