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Moto Guzzi V85 TT - Service manual > General wiring diagram

Electrical system


  1. Multiple connectors
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. USB power sockets (not standard)
  6. Left light switch
  7. Horn
  8. Air temperature sensor
  9. Predisp. GMP/Tyre pressure
  10. Instrument panel
  11. Heated hand grips (not standard)
  12. Derating Temp. Sens.
  13. Right light switch
  14. Frt. brake switch.
  15. Rear brake switch.
  16. Clutch switch
  17. Ignition switch
  18. Immobilizer antenna
  19. Right rear turn indicator
  20. Tail light
  21. Left rear turn indicator
  22. Licence plate light
  23. Antitheft system (not standard)
  24. Antitheft system LED
  25. ABS control unit
  26. Front ABS sensor
  27. Rear ABS sensor
  28. Starter motor relay
  29. Starter motor
  30. Voltage regulator
  31. Battery
  32. Alternator
  33. Low fuel probe
  34. OBD connector
  35. Secondary injection relay
  36. Primary injection relay
  37. Fuel level sensor
  38. Fuel pump
  39. Oil pressure sensor
  40. Head temperature Sens.
  41. Fall Sens.
  42. Stand switch
  43. Neutral sensor
  44. Right cylinder lambda
  45. Left cylinder lambda
  46. Right cylinder injector
  47. Left cylinder injector
  48. Coils
  49. T-Map sensor
  50. Motorised throttle valve
  51. Demand sensor
  52. Engine speed sensor
  53. Engine control unit
  54. Left fog light (not standard)
  55. Left Frt. turn indicator
  56. Front headlamp
  57. Position lights and DRL
  58. High beam LED module
  59. Low beam LED module
  60. Right Frt. turn indicator
  61. Right fog light (not standard)
  62. Secondary fuses
  63. Fog light relay (not standard)
  64. Secondary air system
  65. Ferrite
  66. -

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NOTE REGARDLESS OF THE LANGUAGE SET IN THE DASHBOARD FUNCTIONS, THE KEY PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE CAN ONLY BE VIEWED IN ENGLISH. To carry out the one or more key programming procedures, up to a maximum of four, you must connect the motorcycle to the diagnostic tool. Turn key to "ON" and insert the USER CODE where required. Carry out the self-diagnosis of the dashboard and enter the "SETTINGS" section by clicking on "RESET KEYS". At this point, a screen with a warning message will be visible. Press "OK" and start programming the keys.

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