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Features and Controls / Instrument Cluster

Features and Controls

The instrument cluster includes the speedometer, indicator lamps and Multi-Function Display (MFD).

  1. Speedometer
  2. Indicator Lamps
  3. Multi-Function Display (MFD)


The speedometer displays forward vehicle speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour.


Features and Controls Chassis Fault

The alert symbol illuminates if a chassis fault occurs.

Features and Controls  Low Fuel

This lamp illuminates when 2.0 Liters (0.53 US gallons) of fuel remains in the tank.

Features and Controls  Neutral

This lamp illuminates when the transmission is in neutral.

Features and Controls High Beam

The lamp illuminates when the headlight switch is set to high beam.

Features and Controls Turn Signal

The turn signal indicators flash when the left, right, or both turn signals (hazard) are active.

If there is a problem in the signal system, the lamps will flash at twice the normal rate.

Features and Controls ABS Not Activated

The indicator remains on until the ABS activates, which occurs when vehicle speed exceeds 6 MPH (10 km/h). When the lamp is illuminated, the anti-lock brakes will not activate, but the conventional brake system will continue to operate normally. The lamp will also illuminate if an ABS fault is detected.

Features and ControlsCheck Engine

If this lamp illuminates while the engine is running, see your dealer promptly. The light will remain on if the tilt sensor shuts down the engine. If abnormal sensor or engine operation is detected the light will remain on as long as the fault condition exists. Retrieve the error codes for diagnosis. If a misfire is detected, the check engine lamp will begin to flash and fuel will be cut to the affected cylinder(s).

Features and Controls  Side Stand Light

The sidestand light will turn on anytime the sidestand is down.


Features and Controls Low Oil Pressure

The Low Oil Pressure lamp illuminates when oil pressure drops below a safe operating pressure while the engine is running. If this lamp illuminates while the engine is running above idle speed, turn the engine off as soon as safely possible and check the oil level. If the oil level is correct and the lamp remains on after the engine is restarted, turn the engine off immediately. See your dealer.

Features and Controls  Battery Voltage

The Battery Voltage lamp illuminates if high or low battery voltage is detected, or if there is a charging system fault. Turn non-essential accessories off to conserve power.

Make sure the charging system is operating properly.

Features and Controls  Vehicle Speed

When standard mode is selected, speed displays in miles per hour.

When metric mode is selected, speed displays in kilometers per hour.

Features and Controls Cruise Control Status

Amber Lamp: Cruise control is enabled, but not set. When flashing, a cruise control related fault exists. Green Lamp: Cruise control is set to the desired speed. Read the safety and operation procedures before using cruise control.

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