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Features and Controls / Switch Functions


Motorcycle riders must remain as visible as possible at all times.

To aid in this, the headlight must be on at all times while operating.

The headlights automatically operate when the engine is running.

Do not modify the ignition/light switch wiring to circumvent the automatic headlight feature.

The ignition/light key switch controls the electrical functions of the motorcycle. Before starting the engine, read the instructions for starting the engine.

NOTE Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, push the key into ignition while turning it to the LOCK position, and remove the ignition key when leaving the motorcycle unattended.

Push the key into the ignition switch while turning it to the PARK position. In PARK, the taillight, front position lamp, indicator lights, and license plate light illuminate. Vehicle powered accessories (if equipped) can be operated and the instrumentation is active. The ignition key can be removed.

Features and Controls

  1. Steering Lock
  2. OFF
  3. RUN
  4. PARK


Cruise control can be activated and adjusted from the left hand control using the Cruise Control Switch 1.

Features and Controls



Features and Controls


To activate the turn signal, press the turn signal switch 2 in the corresponding direction. To activate the right turn signal, press the turn signal switch to the right. To activate the left turn signal, press the turn signal switch to the left.


The power switch must be ON to activate the flashers, but once activated, the flashers will continue to flash when the power switch is turned off. When the flashers are active, all four turn signals flash.

To activate the hazard signal, press on the center of the turn signal switch 2.


Press the horn switch 3 to sound the horn.

Features and Controls


Use the engine stop/run switch to turn the engine off quickly. Turn the key off after the engine stops.

Features and Controls

TIP The headlight and any accessories plugged into power ports will remain on until the ignition key is turned to the off position.


All models are equipped with trigger switches on the front side of the left and right handlebar controls 6.

NOTE The power switch must be ON for the trigger switches to function.

Features and Controls


The headlights automatically come on when the engine is started.

The high/low headlight switch 7 toggles the headlight between high beam and low beam. To momentarily flash headlights (Flash to Pass), press and hold the left-hand trigger switch. To activate high beams for an extended period of time, push the trigger forward until it clicks into place. Pull the lever back to the neutral position to return to low beams.

Features and Controls


On models equipped with analog gauge, use the right-hand trigger switch to cycle through the multi-function display. On models equipped with a Ride Command display, use the right-hand switch to navigate through menus.

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