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Maintenance / Introduction

For specific maintenance and repairs it is advisable to contact our Authorized Fantic Motor Centers, which will guarantee an accurate and prompt service, always using original spare parts.

It is recommended, after the first hours of use, to carry out the preliminary checks.

Failure to follow these procedures can result in serious injury to persons and to the vehicle. Contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center if malfunctions or anomalies are found.


Front and rear disc brake

Throttle control

Engine oil

Wheels and tires

Levers and brakes

Clutch lever



Fastening elements

Fuel tank

Engine stop switch

Start switch

Phonic wheels

Acoustic and visual devices


Check and verify the engine oil level every 1,000 km (600 mi).

Check the engine oil level

Periodically check the engine oil level.

The engine oil check must be carried out with hot engine.

Do not rest the vehicle on the side kickstand when checking the engine oil.


Position and keep the vehicle in a vertical position and with both wheels resting on the ground.

Start the engine and warm it up for at least two minutes at idling speed and then turn it off: wait two minutes before checking the oil level.

Check the oil level from the porthole.

The level must remain between the notches at the porthole.


The oil level must not go beyond the "H" marking and must never be below the "L" marking, in order not to damage the engine.


Engine oil topping up

If after checking the engine oil level, the level is not in the right parameters, topping up is required.

Therefore remove the oil level plug and top up.

If you use a funnel or something else, make sure of the perfect cleaning.

Do not add additives or other substances and use the products recommended in the "RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS TABLE" section.


Engine oil replacement

The operations for filter and engine oil replacement are complicated for an inexperienced operator. It is advisable to contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center if you need to remove and replace the filter and the engine oil.

Amount of engine oil

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For tire pressure values, brand, type and dimensions refer to the "TECHNICAL DATA" section. Check the tire pressure at room temperature, because if the tires are warm, the measurement will not be correct.

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