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Maintenance / Tires

For tire pressure values, brand, type and dimensions refer to the "TECHNICAL DATA" section.

Check the tire pressure at room temperature, because if the tires are warm, the measurement will not be correct.

The tires ambient temperature means that the vehicle has been stationary for at least three hours or has travelled a distance of less than 2 km (1 mi).


Check the fuel consumption and tire pressure (at room temperature) before and after each long trip.


If the inflation pressure is too high, the irregularities of the ground are not properly cushioned and are then transmitted to the handlebar, compromising road holding in turns. If the inflation pressure is insufficient, the sidewalls of the tires work harder and there is a risk of tire slippage on the rim or detachment, with consequent loss of control of the vehicle: in the event of sudden braking, the tires could come off from the rims. In turns, the vehicle may skid.

It is advisable, if possible, to always use the same pressure gauge to check the pressure so as not to measure incorrect values caused by the variability between different gauges.


The sticker indicates the inflation pressure of the front and rear tires.

It can be positioned on the chain guard, left side of the vehicle.


Check the surface condition and wear. A poor tire condition compromises the grip and manoeuvrability of the vehicle. Replace the tire if worn or punctured. After repairing or replacing a tire, carry out the wheel balancing. Use only and exclusively tires of the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer. The use of tires other than those specified may compromise the handling and stability of the vehicle with the risk of accidents, damage to property and/or persons and the risk of serious injury and even death.


Check that the pressure valves are always fitted with protective caps and that they are properly closed to avoid sudden tire deflation.

If the tires are new, they can be covered with a slippery film. Drive carefully for the first few kilometres/miles.

Do not grease the tires with unsuitable liquid. If the tires are old, even if not completely worn out, they can harden and do not guarantee road holding, therefore replace them.

Replacement, repair and maintenance are very important and must be performed with appropriate tools and by an operator with the necessary experience.

For this reason, it is advisable to contact an authorized Fantic Motor Center or a tire specialist for the execution of certain operations.

The tires supplied are of the tubeless type and are mounted on spoked rims together with the inner tube. Avoid tubeless tires without the inner tubes.

Tread depth (Scrambler)

The maximum tread values for the Scrambler version are:

Tread depth (Flat Track)

The maximum tread values for the Flat Track version are:

Tread depth (Rally)

The maximum tread values for the Rally version are:

The tread depths should never be less than 1 mm (0.03 in) or less than required by the legislation in force in the country where the vehicle is used.


To check, clean and replace the spark plug, contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center.


The type of air filter does not require cleaning, but only replacement.

For the maintenance operations, refer to the "SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE TABLE" section, under "Air filter".

To disassemble, check, clean and replace the air filter, contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center.


For the maintenance operations, refer to the "SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE TABLE" section, under "Cooling system".

Do not use the vehicle if the coolant level is below the minimum level.

To replace, check and top up the coolant, contact an authorized Fantic Motor Service Center.

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