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Maintenance / Lights and turn signals

For disassembling, checking and/or replacing the headlight, tail light and license plate light, contact an authorized Fantic Motor Service Center.

Headlight adjustment

To check the correct orientation of the front light beam, place the vehicle at 10 m (32.8 ft) away from a vertical wall, making sure that the ground is level. Turn on the low beam, sit on the vehicle, and check that the light beam projected onto the wall is slightly below the horizontal straight line of the projector (about 9/10 of the total height). To carry out the vertical adjustment of the light beam, position the vehicle in running position, loosen the screws "A" on both sides of the vehicle and manually adjust the desired position of the light beam. Tighten the screws "A". Check again the correct orientation of the light beam.


Turn signals

To replace the front and/or rear turn signal lamps, position the vehicle on the kickstand. Unscrew and remove the screw "A" and cover "B".

Gently press the bulb and turn it counterclockwise, then pull the lamp out. Install a new lamp of the same type correctly.

If the reflector inside comes out of its seat, reposition it correctly.

Make sure to have correctly inserted the lamp.



The operations described below apply to both rear-view mirrors.

Place the vehicle on the kickstand and on a flat and stable surface. Loosen the lock nut "A", turn the left-hand mirror counter-clockwise and remove it, then turn the right-hand mirror clockwise and remove it.

During reassembly, before tightening the nut, check that the mirror support rod is aligned with the handlebar.


Rear-view mirror adjustment

To adjust the rear-view mirrors, get on the vehicle in the driving position and turn the rear-view mirror according to your needs. It is also possible to adjust the inclination of the rear-view mirror support rod. To carry out this operation, loosen the screw "B" and move the support rod sideways.

Adjust and tighten screw "B".


Maintenance Table


Expert users can normally carry out some maintenance operations even though they require the use of specific equipment and suitable technical preparation.

If you do not have all the specific tools, suitable clothing and protections, and a suitable place to operate in complete safety, it is not recommended to perform maintenance operations. If it is necessary to have technical advice or request service, contact the Authorized Fantic Motor Center.

Fantic Motor declines all civil and criminal liability for damage to the vehicle, property and/or persons due to maintenance operations performed by the user.

If the user is not interested in performing certain routine maintenance operations, we recommend going to an Authorized Fantic Motor Service Center.

Carry out maintenance operations more frequently if the vehicle is used in rainy, dusty areas, rough roads or in the case of fast riding.

Check the engine oil level every 1,000 km (600 mi).

It is essential to make the first inspection and servicing by the end of the first year of use of the vehicle even if the deadline of 1,000 km (600 mi) has not been reached.

It is essential to make inspection and servicing by the end of the second year of use of the vehicle even if the specified deadline has not been reached.

The timely execution of the inspection and servicing indicated (the first one in the first year and the second one in the second year) is necessary for the correct use of the warranty.

Perform the annual checks on a regular basis unless a kilometre (or mileage) interval has expired previously.

Maintenance Table

Maintenance Table

Maintenance Table

Maintenance Table


Use lubricating and fluid products that meet the equivalent specifications, or higher than those prescribed.

These same indications are also valid for topping up.

Maintenance Table

Maintenance Table

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Data


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