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Maintenance / Clutch lever and gearbox / Lubrication and cleaning

The chain must always be kept well lubricated and must be cleaned especially after riding off-road with mud or sand. If there are dry or rusty parts, if there are crushed or seized meshes, it is advisable to lubricate the chain and replace the damaged parts in working conditions. If this is not possible, contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Centre.

Do not wash the chain with jets of water, steam, high pressure jets and solvents with a high degree of flammability.

For chain recommended lubrication and cleaning products, refer to the "RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS TABLE" section.


The "A" battery is located under the saddle. The type of battery installed does not require maintenance. It is therefore not necessary to check the electrolyte level or top up with water.

Keep the battery poles clean and, if necessary, lightly grease them with acid-free grease.

Battery disassembly

Remove the saddle and disconnect the negative and then the positive pole from the battery.

Remove the battery.


When installing the battery, insert it with the positive pole positioned as shown in the figure and connect the negative pole to the battery at the end.

If for any reason there is an electrolyte (sulphuric acid) leak from the battery, the maximum precaution is recommended.

Keep sparks or open flames away from the battery.

Keep exhausted batteries out of reach of children and arrange for regular disposal.

Do not remove the protections and install the battery respecting the polarities.

Protect the battery clamps with Vaseline grease.


To check the fuses, set the ignition switch to "OFF" to avoid the risk of a short circuit.

Remove the saddle and the fuse box cover.

Remove one fuse at a time and check if the filament is broken.

Replace the fuse, if damaged, with a type of the same amperage.

Do not repair faulty fuses and never use a fuse of a different power than specified, it could cause a short circuit and consequently the risk of fire.


Fuses arrangement

H. Main fuse (30 A)
I. Fuse box

  1. Engine control unit fuse (key-operated power supply), ABS control unit (key-operated power supply), left and right light stalk, turn signals, position lights, brake light (5 A)
  2. Parking lights fuse (5 A)
  3. Fuel pump, electronic injection system and OBD socket fuse (7.5 A)
  4. Headlight and tail light fuse (5 A)
  5. Cooling fan fuse (5 A)
  6. Engine control unit fuse (direct supply) (2 A)
  7. ABS control unit fuse (direct supply) (30 A)

J. Spare main fuse (30 A)
K. Spare fuses (2 A, 7.5 A, 30 A)


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