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Chassis / Final drive / Lubricating the chain

O-ring chains have sealed, life-lubed link studs and bushes.

However, these chains need to be lubricated at regular intervals to protect metal parts of the chain and the O-rings.

Lubrication also serves to keep the O-rings soft and pliable to ensure the maximum sealing efficiency.

Using a brush, apply a thin protective layer of high-density gearbox oil along the entire length of the chain both inside and outside.

Washing the chain

Chains with O-rings must be washed in oil, diesel fuel or paraffin.

Do not use fuel, trichloroethylene or other solvents which will damage the rubber O-rings.

For the same reason use only sprays specifically formulated for use with O-ring chains.

Refitting the rear sprocket

If removed, screw pins (5) to the rear sprocket flange (3) with specified threadlocker applied in the indicated point.

Tighten the pins to a torque of 46 Nm +- 5%.

Final drive

Position rear sprocket (1) on rear sprocket flange (3) and start nuts (2).

Final drive

Insert spacer (4) fully home.

Lubricate the pins with the recommended product.

Final drive

Position the rear sprocket flange-rear sprocket assembly in the rear wheel.

Fit spacer (6) and tighten nuts (2) to a torque of 46 Nm +- 5%.

Final drive

Refit the rear wheel (Refitting the rear wheel).

Removing the rear sprocket

Remove the rear wheel (Removing the rear wheel).

Loosen nuts (2) retaining rear sprocket (1) to rear sprocket flange (3).

Final drive

Remove the rear sprocket flange (3) from the rear wheel.

Remove spacer (4).

Final drive

Loosen the nuts retaining the rear sprocket to the rear sprocket flange previously loosened.

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Check that the splines of the gearbox secondary shaft and the sprocket are in perfect condition. Insert the sprocket on the gearbox secondary shaft and push it over the groove (7).

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