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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Refitting the front sprocket

Chassis / Final drive / Refitting the front sprocket

Check that the splines of the gearbox secondary shaft and the sprocket are in perfect condition.

Insert the sprocket on the gearbox secondary shaft and push it over the groove (7).

Final drive

Respect the positioning shown in figure.

Final drive

Insert stop plate (4) on the gearbox secondary shaft (5) and rotate it inside groove (7) until the plate holes match the sprocket threaded holes: orient the stop plate with the rounded edge facing the sprocket.

Apply threadlocker on screw threading (3).

Engage the first gear.

Final drive

Tighten the screws (3) to a torque of 6 Nm +- 5%.

Final drive

Fit the chain and close it using the tool (X) no. 88713.1344, which was used to open the chain.

The tool consists of a holder (A), a punch (B), body (C) and two wrenches (D) and (E) and a plate holder (F).

Connect the two ends of the chain with the external link, and manually fit the plate onto the pins.

Final drive

Tension the belt.

Fit the sprocket cover (1) and tighten the screws (2) to a torque of 6 Nm +-10%.

Removing the front sprocket

Undo the screws (2), and remove the chain cover (1).

Slacken the chain (Adjusting the chain tension).

Final drive

Remove the chain using tool (X) part no. 88713.1344.

The tool consists of a holder (A), a punch (B), a body (C) and two wrenches (D) and (E).

Fit the link to be opened into the holder (A).

Fit the punch (B) into the body (C) and manually undo the screw until the punch no longer protrudes.

Fit the holder (A) and the link into the body (C).

Manually turn the bolt (F) on body (C) so that the punch (B) gets against the pin, taking care that they are aligned. Fit the hexagon wrench (D) into the hexagonal part of the body (C) and the wrench (E) onto the bolt.

Turn clockwise the bolt (F) until the pin comes out.

Final drive

Final drive

Remove the chain.

Engage a low gear and loosen the two screws (3) on the sprocket stop plate (4).

Final drive

Remove plate (4) of the gearbox secondary shaft (5).

Final drive

Remove the front sprocket (6) from the gearbox secondary shaft (5).

Inspection of the final drive

To check the final drive wear, visually check the front sprocket (1) and the rear sprocket (2).

If the teeth are worn as shown in the figure (dotted line), the final drive must be replaced.

Final drive

Important Make sure that the rear sprocket, front sprocket and chain are all replaced together as a set.

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