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Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Main functions

The functions displayed in the Standard Screen are the following:

Main information

Additional information

The functions within the Setting Menu that can be modified by the user are the following:

Motorcycle speed

This function allows displaying the vehicle speed (km/ h or mph according to the specific application).

The instrument panel receives information about the actual vehicle speed (calculated in km/h) and displays the value increased by 5% and converted in the set unit of measurement (mph or km/h).

The max. displayed speed is 186 mph (299 km/h).

A string of dashes "- - -" is displayed with the set unit of measurement if:

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Engine rpm indication (RPM)

This Function allows displaying engine rpm.

Instrument panel receives rpm value and displays it.

The information is displayed by the bargraph filling from the right to the left according to the engine rpm.

The thresholds before the rpm limiter are: 1st threshold 8900 rpm (A)

When the rev limiter value (B) is reached, the warning lights start flashing.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Menu 1 functions

MENU 1 functions are:

By pressing button (2) it is possible to view the functions of MENU 1.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

See also:

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Parameter setting/displaying

Upon key-on, the instrument panel: turns on the display backlighting; activates the rev counter which increases from 0 to 12000 and then goes back to 0; activates the vehicle speed digits and shows a counting from 0 to 300 and then back to 0; turns on the warning lights in a sequence, starting from the right to the left.

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Odometer (TOT)

The odometer counts and displays the total distance covered by the vehicle with the set unit of measurement (mi or km). The odometer number of mi or km is displayed with the TOT indication and unit of measurement. When the maximum value is reached (199999 mi or 199999 km) the instrument panel will permanently display said value.

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