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Instrument panel (Dashboard) / Parameter setting/displaying

Upon key-on, the instrument panel:

At the end of the check routine, the instrument panel displays the main screen ("standard screen") showing the available functions and turns on the warning lights, if necessary.

During this check stage, if the vehicle speed exceeds 12 mph (20 km/h) (actual speed), the instrument panel will stop:

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Data displayed on the main screen are as follows:

  1. Engine rpm.
  2. Vehicle speed.
  3. MENU 1 (Odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, Trip Fuel, Air temperature, Error indication, only if present).
  4. Clock.
  5. SERVICE indication (only if active).
  6. Setting menu.
  7. Side stand status.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

From the main screen, press button (2) on LH switch to view Menu 1 information.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

The instrument panel stores Menu 1 current settings upon KEY-OFF. Upon the following KEY-ON, the previously stored Menu 1 screens are displayed.

In case of sudden and unexpected power off, the instrument panel displays the default settings upon the following Key-ON;

Upon KEY-ON, for each layout mode, the instrument panel displays Menu 1 "Odometer" screen for 10 seconds and then displays the page saved upon previous KEY-OFF.

If the instrument panel detects that the voltage generated to power the control buttons is not within the established range, it activates the safety mode:

If this condition occurs, contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Service Center.

Hold the button (2) for 3 seconds with the actual vehicle speed lower than or equal to 12 mph (20 km/ h) to gain access to the Setting Menu, where you can set any function.

Important You can enter the SETTING MENU only when the actual vehicle speed is lower than or equal to 12 mph (20 km/h). If you are inside the Setting MENU and the actual vehicle speed exceeds 12 mph (20 km/ h), the instrument panel automatically exits from this Menu and displays the Standard Screen.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

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LCD. REV COUNTER (rpm). It indicates engine rpm value. NEUTRAL LIGHT N (GREEN). Comes on when in neutral position. HIGH BEAM LIGHT (BLUE).

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The functions displayed in the Standard Screen are the following: Main information Vehicle speed Engine rpm indication (RPM) Menu 1 displays the following functions: Odometer (TOT) Trip meter 1 (TRIP 1) Trip meter 2 (TRIP 2) Partial fuel reserve counter (TRIP FUEL) External air temperature (AIR) Clock

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