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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Main relay and injection

To remove and refit the main relay, refer to chapter "Starting system".

Timing/rpm sensor

The engine rpm sensor (1) is an inductive sensor that detects the teeth of a phonic wheel by means of an alternate signal proportional to the teeth passage speed.

The toothed pulley usually features "Xn teeth with a gap of two teeth" as reference for the first cylinder TDC.

System components

Position 1: the pick-up sensor detects the "full area" (i.e. the tooth);

Position 2: the pick-up sensor detects the "empty area" (i.e. the gap between the teeth).

System components

The engine rpm sensor (pick-up sensor) is located on the engine left side.

Connector (2) is located above sensor (1).

System components

Check for rpm/timing sensor (pick-up) correct operation with the diagnosis instrument DDS 2.

Electric diagram

System components

Throttle position potentiometer (TPS)

The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) (1) is a potentiometer installed on the throttle body.

The TPS sends information to the control unit about the exact position of the throttle.

System components

To remove and refit the TPS, refer to chapters "Removing the airbox and throttle body" and "Refitting the airbox and throttle body".

Check for TPS correct operation with the diagnosis instrument DDS 2.

TPS electric diagram

System components


The ignition coil increases the input voltage of the current alternator and brings the voltage to a value that allows the spark creation in the spark plug.

The vehicle features two coils, one for the horizontal cylinder (1) and another for the vertical cylinder (2), located under the covers (3) and (4).

System components


To reach the coils remove covers (3) and (4) after removing screws (5) and (6).

System components

Disconnect connectors (7) and (8) of the horizontal and vertical cylinder coils.

System components


Check the correct operation with the DDS 2 diagnosis instrument connected to control unit diagnostic socket.

Electric diagram

System components

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 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Diagnostic socket

The diagnostic socket is located in the vehicle rear side. In order to reach it, remove the seat (Removing the seat). Left-hand switch In the event of a fault, the internal connections of the device must be checked in all operating conditions. It is therefore necessary to disconnect the main wiring switch connector and perform the check using an analogue or digital multimeter.

 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Ignition spark plug

To check the spark plug, refer to chapter "Replacing the spark plugs". Temperature sensor The air temperature sensor (1), located on vehicle central part, detects the ambient temperature.

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