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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > System components

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 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Parameter setting/displaying

Upon key-on, the instrument panel: turns on the display backlighting; activates the rev counter which increases from 0 to 12000 and decreases back to 0; activates the vehicle speed digits and shows a counting from 0 to 300 and then back to 0; turns on the warning lights from right to left.

 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Diagnostic socket

The diagnostic socket is located in the vehicle rear side. In order to reach it, remove the seat (Removing the seat). Left-hand switch In the event of a fault, the internal connections of the device must be checked in all operating conditions. It is therefore necessary to disconnect the main wiring switch connector and perform the check using an analogue or digital multimeter.

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