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Fantic Caballero 500 - Owner's Manual > Rear suspension (Rally)

Maintenance / Braking system / Rear suspension (Rally)

The rear shock absorber is equipped with:

  1. Register for compression adjustment;
  2. Register for extension adjustment;
  3. Ring nut register for adjusting the shock absorber spring preload;
  4. Ring nut register for locking the shock absorber spring preload;
  5. Rear shock absorber spring;
  6. Preloaded shock absorber wheelbase
    Standard value = 344 mm (13.54 in);
  7. Spring preload
    Standard value = 176 mm (6.93 in).



The standard adjustment of the rear shock absorber is designed to adapt to most driving styles and situations, however it is possible to make custom adjustments.

To adjust the rear shock absorber spring extension it is necessary, initially, to fully close the adjustment screw "B" turning it clockwise.

Turn the adjustment screw "B" counter-clockwise, counting 8 clicks.

Total number of clicks "B" = 16 (from fully closed).


To adjust the hydraulic brake compression during the compression it is necessary, initially, to completely close the adjustment knob "A" turning it clockwise.

Turn the adjustment knob "A" counterclockwise, counting 13 clicks.

Total number of clicks "A" = 24 (from fully closed).


Adjust the rear shock absorber preload as follows:

Do not force the rotation of the ring nut registers "C" and "D" beyond the stroke end in both directions, to avoid possible damage.


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