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Fantic Caballero 500 - Owner's Manual > Clutch lever and gearbox

Maintenance / Clutch lever and gearbox

Perform the clutch adjustment when the engine stops or the vehicle tends to move forward with the clutch lever and the gear engaged, or if the clutch "slips", causing an acceleration delay with respect to the engine rpm.

To make the adjustment:


Check the integrity of the clutch cable in its entire length; the sheath must not show cracks, cuts, crushing or wear, if only one of these defects is present, replace the clutch cable at an authorized Fantic Motor Center.

If the adjustments made are not sufficient to guarantee the required clearance, contact an authorized Fantic Motor Center.



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The rear shock absorber is equipped with: Register for compression adjustment; Register for extension adjustment; Ring nut register for adjusting the shock absorber spring preload; Ring nut register for locking the shock absorber spring preload; Rear shock absorber spring; Preloaded shock absorber wheelbase Standard value = 344 mm (13.54 in); Spring preload Standard value = 176 mm (6.93 in).

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Check the following parts and check that the chain, pinion and crown do not show: worn rollers; loose pins; dry, rusty, crushed or seized meshes; missing sealing rings; pinion teeth and/or crown teeth excessively worn or damaged.

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