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Maintenance operations / Adjusting the chain tension

Slowly move the motorcycle until you find the position where chain is tightest.

Set the motorcycle on the side stand.

Measure chain tension at the centre of the lower section, with the motorcycle on the side stand: lower the chain by pressing down on it only with your finger, release it and measure the distance between the centre of the chain pins and the aluminium section of the swingarm.

Value (A) must be: 27 Г· 29 mm

Maintenance operations

If the chain tensioning has to be changed, proceed as follows:

Loosen rear wheel retaining nut (1).

Maintenance operations

Maintenance operations

Work on screw (3), on both vehicle sides, to change the chain tensioning.

Once adjustment is completed, visually make sure that the number of reference notches (5) is the same on both left and right chain sliders, taking edge (4) as a reference.

Maintenance operations

Once the adjustment is completed, tighten nut (1) to a torque of 145 Nm +- 5%.

Maintenance operations

Adjusting the steering head bearing play

Excessive handlebar play or shaking fork in the steering head indicate that the play of the steering head bearings requires adjustment as follows.

Undo the four screws (1), remove U-bolt (2) and handlebar (3) from steering head, setting it so as not to hinder the following operations.

Maintenance operations

Slacken the clamp screws (4) securing the steering head to both fork legs.

Maintenance operations

Loosen the clamp screw (5) that holds the steering tube to the steering head.

Turn with tool no. 88713.1058 the ring nut (6) to a torque of 30 Nm +-5%.

Maintenance operations

Tighten screws (4) and (5) previously loosened to a torque of 24 Nm +- 5%.

Reposition handlebar (3), install U-bolt (2), smear screws (1) with specified grease and tighten the four screws (1) to 25 Nm +-5%, following a 1-2-3-4-3 sequence.

Maintenance operations

Clutch control cable adjustment

Warning A wrong adjustment can seriously affect the clutch operation and duration.

A worn clutch tensions the clutch cable. Always check the free play, with cold engine, before using the vehicle.

Warning Lever free play adjustment must be carried out with cold engine and with the motorcycle on its side stand and the handlebar fully turned to the right.

When operating the clutch lever (1), you must clearly feel the passage from a very low resistance to a very high resistance (operating force).

The free play corresponds to the lever travel where the clutch resistance force is very low.

Determine ring nut (2) and adjuster (3) position; ring nut (2) must be at a distance (A) of at least 5 mm from the lever rotation plate (4) and must not touch edge (5) of stop plate (6).

Operate the lever through its free play and check that distance "B" is between 2 mm and 3 mm.

Maintenance operations

Adjuster (3), located on the lever, allows a maximum adjustment (C) of 11 mm, whereas the standard adjustment (starting one) is of 5 mm.

Maintenance operations

If the described conditions are not met, restore them as follows: Remove protection caps (7) and (8) and loosen adjuster (10) lock nut (9).

Tighten lock nut (9) to the specified torque while holding adjuster (10) and bring protective caps (7) and (8) back in place.

Repeat all the tests.

Maintenance operations

Maintenance operations

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