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The anti-lock brake system automatically reduces brake pressure as needed to provide optimum braking control, reducing the chance of wheel lock-up during hard braking events or when braking on rough, uneven, slippery or loose surfaces. See the Safe Riding Practices.

1. The anti-lock brake system cannot be turned off on models equipped with an analog gauge. On models equipped with the Ride Command touchscreen display, ABS can be disabled through the touchscreen menu.

2. ABS must not be deactivated when traveling on public roads.

Deactivation is only suitable for off street use (race tracks or dirt roads).

3. The ABS indicator always illuminates when vehicle power is turned on. It remains illuminated until the anti-lock system activates, which occurs when vehicle speed exceeds 6 MPH (10 km/h).

4. When the lamp is illuminated, the anti-lock brakes will not activate, but the conventional brake system will continue to operate normally.

5. When the anti-lock brakes engage during a braking event, the rider will feel pulsing at the brake levers. Continue to apply steady pressure to the brakes for the best stopping performance.

6. If the ABS light does not come on when the key is turned to the ON or PARK position, see your authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer for service.


The front brake lever 5 is located on the right handlebar. This lever controls only the front brakes. The front brakes should be applied simultaneously with the rear brakes. To apply the front brake, pull the lever toward the handlebar.

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WARNING Resting your foot on the brake pedal will cause excessive and premature wear of brake pads and reduced braking efficiency, which could result in severe injury or death.

The rear brake pedal 6 is located on the right side of the motorcycle. Press downward on the rear brake pedal to apply the rear brake.

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WARNING Free travel must be present on the brake pedal lever or pressure could build up in the rear brake system causing overheating and failure. The brake pedal free travel is adjusted at the factory and must always be set in accordance with the specification.

Changing this adjustment could cause brake damage or failure. If adjustments are needed, see your dealer.

Free travel at brake lever peg: 3 - 7 mm

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