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Pre-Ride Inspections

To keep your motorcycle in safe operating condition, always perform the recommended pre-ride inspections before each ride.

This is especially important before making a long trip and when removing the motorcycle from storage.

WARNING Failure to perform the recommended pre-ride inspections could result in component failure while riding, which could result in serious injury or death. Always perform the pre-ride inspections before each ride. When inspection reveals the need for adjustment, replacement or repair, perform the service promptly, or see your authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer or other qualified dealer for service.

WARNING Read the entire Instruments, Features and Controls section of this manual before riding your motorcycle. A complete understanding of the features and capabilities of your motorcycle is essential to its safe operation. Anything less may result in serious injury or death.

You must be familiar with all instruments and controls to perform the pre-ride inspections.

TIP During the pre-ride inspections you may use products that are potentially hazardous, such as oil or brake fluid. When using any of these products, always follow the instructions and warnings on the product packaging.

When inspections reveal the need for adjustment, replacement or repair:


Turn the ignition key to the ON position and move the stop/run switch to RUN before performing the following electrical inspections. Return the ignition key to the OFF position after completing these inspections. If inspection of any electrical item reveals component failure, repair or replace the component before operating the motorcycle.

Pre-Ride Inspections

Pre-Ride Inspections


Pre-Ride Inspections

Pre-Ride Inspections

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