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Features and Controls / Throttle Control Grip

The throttle control grip is located on the right handlebar. Use the throttle control grip to control engine speed.

Features and Controls

While seated in the proper riding position:

The control grip is spring loaded. When you release the grip, the throttle returns to the idle position.


The gear shift lever 3 is located on the left side of the motorcycle.

Operate the lever with your foot.

Features and Controls


The clutch lever 4 is located on the left handlebar. Disengage the clutch before shifting gears. For smooth clutch operation, pull the lever quickly and release it in a brisk but controlled manner.

Features and Controls


The FTR 1200 is equipped with a side stand safety switch to prevent operation of the motorcycle if the side stand is deployed.

WARNING An improperly retracted side stand could contact the ground and cause a loss of control resulting in serious injury or death. Always retract the side stand fully before operating the motorcycle.

To park the motorcycle, swing the end of the side stand downward and away from the motorcycle until it is fully extended. Always turn the handlebars to the left for maximum stability. Lean the motorcycle to the left until the side stand firmly supports the motorcycle.

CAUTION If the motorcycle weight is not resting on the side stand, it will not lock. In this situation, any movement of the motorcycle could cause the side stand to retract slightly. If the side stand is not in the full forward position when the motorcycle weight is rested on it, the motorcycle could fall over, possibly causing injury and damage to the motorcycle.

To retract the side stand, straddle the motorcycle and bring it to the fully upright position. Swing the end of the side stand upward and toward the motorcycle until it is fully retracted.

WARNING Do not sit on the motorcycle when it is supported on the side stand.


Your bike is equipped with small feeler pegs extending from the end of both footpegs to help protect against damage. A wear notch has been etched near the base of both feeler pegs. Once either feeler peg has been eroded up to the wear notch, a replacement feeler peg is recommended.


Wheelie mitigation is a feature that allows maximum acceleration while keeping the front wheel on or near the ground. The feature is active when the vehicle is in "Rain" or "Standard" ride modes, but not when the vehicle is in 'Sport' mode or the ABS/MTC system is disabled.

NOTE The wheelie mitigation feature cannot prevent the front wheel from losing contact with the ground in all situations.


Your vehicle is equipped with convex mirrors. Objects seen in a mirror may be closer than they appear. Always adjust mirrors before riding.

To adjust the mirrors, sit on the motorcycle in the anticipated riding position. Adjust the mirrors so that you can see a small portion of your shoulders in each mirror.

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