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Fantic Caballero 500 - Owner's Manual > Check the chain, pinion and crown wear

Maintenance / Clutch lever and gearbox / Check the chain, pinion and crown wear

Check the following parts and check that the chain, pinion and crown do not show:

  1. worn rollers;
  2. loose pins;
  3. dry, rusty, crushed or seized meshes;
  4. missing sealing rings;
  5. pinion teeth and/or crown teeth excessively worn or damaged.

The sticker shows how to position the vehicle to measure the chain tension and the minimum and maximum clearance tolerances.


It can be positioned on the chain guard, left side of the vehicle.

If one of these components is damaged, the entire chain assembly (pinion, chain and crown) must be replaced.

Also check the wear of the chain guide and the chain sliding shoe.

Excessive loosening of the chain could make it come off from the pinion, causing accidents and serious damage to the vehicle. Check the clearance regularly.

For chain replacement, contact an authorized Fantic Motor Center only.

Improper maintenance can cause premature chain wear and/or damage the pinion and/or crown.


Clearance check


If there is a higher clearance in certain positions, it means that there are crushed or seized meshes, in this case contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center. To prevent the risk of seizure, it is recommended to lubricate the chain correctly.

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Perform the clutch adjustment when the engine stops or the vehicle tends to move forward with the clutch lever and the gear engaged, or if the clutch "slips", causing an acceleration delay with respect to the engine rpm.

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The chain must always be kept well lubricated and must be cleaned especially after riding off-road with mud or sand. If there are dry or rusty parts, if there are crushed or seized meshes, it is advisable to lubricate the chain and replace the damaged parts in working conditions. If this is not possible, contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Centre.

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