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Chassis / Footrest support / Inspecting the frame

Checking the frame

Compare the dimensions of the frame with the values indicated here to determine whether it needs to be re-aligned or replaced.

Important Damaged frames must be changed, not repaired. Any work carried out on the frame can give rise to potential danger, infringing the requirements of EC directives concerning manufacturer's liability and general product safety.

Inspecting the frame

Inspecting the frame

  1. 330.3 mm
  2. 196.4 mm
  3. 214.4 mm
  4. 315.2 mm
  5. 24.4Вє
  6. 199.6 mm
  7. 317.6 mm
  8. 495.9 mm
  9. 555 mm
  1. 331.7 mm

Refitting the structural parts and frame

Make sure that the two outer rings (1) in the steering tube (2) are fitted.

Inspecting the frame

Make sure that the vibration damping pads (3) are fitted.

Inspecting the frame

Inspecting the frame

Make sure clips (4) are in place.

Inspecting the frame

Make sure clips (5) are in place.

Inspecting the frame

Inspecting the frame

Removing structural components and frame

Before carrying out dimensional checks on the frame, remove all the fitted superstructures, referring to the removal procedures outlined in the relevant sections of this manual.

The list below indicates the components to be removed in a logical order.

Remove the seat (Removing the seat).

Remove the fuel tank (Removing the fuel tank).

Remove the air filter (Removing the air filters).

Remove the throttle control cable (Removing the throttle control).

Remove the airbox (Removing the airbox).

Remove the throttle body, the blow by and the oil breather pipe (Removing the throttle body).

Remove the secondary air system pipes and valve (Removing the secondary air system).

Remove the supply system and the injectors from the intake manifolds (Removing the throttle body).

Disconnect the spark plug caps.

Remove the exhaust system (Removing the exhaust system).

Drain the lubrication system (Changing the engine oil and filter cartridge).

Disconnect the starter motor/solenoid starter cable.

Remove the gear shift (Removing the gear shift).

Remove the front sprocket (Removing the front sprocket).

Remove the side stand (Removing the side stand).

Disconnect the wiring connectors on the engine block (Routing of wiring on frame).

Remove the engine block from frame.

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