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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Tail light - number plate holder

Chassis / Tail light - number plate holder

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 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Inspecting the frame

Checking the frame Compare the dimensions of the frame with the values indicated here to determine whether it needs to be re-aligned or replaced. Important Damaged frames must be changed, not repaired. Any work carried out on the frame can give rise to potential danger, infringing the requirements of EC directives concerning manufacturer's liability and general product safety. 330.3 mm 196.4 mm 214.4 mm 315.2 mm 24.4Вє 199.6 mm 317.6 mm 495.9 mm 555 mm 331.7 mm

 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Refitting the tail light

Position tail light (3) so that stud bolts (A) are in their seats (B) on the frame.

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